10 Tips for Girls Kissing Girls

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Published: 27th March 2008
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Kissing a girl for us lesbian sisters is one of the most sensual activities in the world! It was already said that only a girl can feel and perform what a girl really needs and it's true to the art of kissing maybe more than anything else out there.

I compiled a list of my 10 tips for the best "girls kissing girl" act, I'm sure it will help you become the most pleasuring lesbian kisser in town! So let's begin:

1. Be sure your breath smells nice. There aren't lots of things worse than kissing a girl with bad breath coming from her pretty little mouth. It can be quite deterring and might even finish the relationship right then and there. Not so nice.

2. Make sure you don't have something sticking from your teeth. Ask her to excuse you for 2 minutes, check up on your teeth and maybe chew on a gum before coming out from there.

3. You need to read the signals. Girls who have problems reading positive signals usually don't get anywhere in this world. I know us girls are more attentive to words and body language but some are just NOT - this notion comes from my personal experience... So... check out and see if the other girl touches you during the evening, if her laugh is authentic or just polite, but most importantly - check out on her body language - if she moves on the same rhythm as you do - you got yourself a girl to kiss all night!

4. Don't hurry up on the first kiss - wait for the best moment - it will be there! For ex: it can be that sweet moment when you both just finished laughing from something or when you both look into each other's eyes with a fond look on the face. This is the time to make a move. The first kiss for us girls is very important and that's why so often it means a lot of nervousness as well - so be patient.

5. Do you need to ask? Tell you the truth? - I never do. If you can feel your lady partner you don't need to ask for your kiss. On the same note, you can ask, if you feel unsure, but my general tip is "go for it". It's only a kiss.

6. Kiss passionately but gently - you don't have to suck face to show how much you are in love with your girl - you can kiss her gently & slowly to start and only than pick up the pace and intensity.

7. A kiss is only a kiss. Enjoy the girl you are kissing and don't hurry to get her in the sack. Girls love to kiss; it's the most romantic thing in the world. I've dated a few girls before who kissed me only to get somewhere else - It's something you sense right from the start and usually it doesn't say a lot of good things about that girl.

8. Never chew on a gum while kissing - man, that experience was the worst!

9. Moving on to the "next phase" - When I kiss my girl I usually get a lot of hands action. She touches my shoulders, my neck... I touch her back and stroke her hair. This way it's a lot easier to warm up before moving to something more serious. Use no hands? You'll have trouble jumpstarting your passion...

10. Relax - kissing is the most beautiful thing in the world. Thank god you are a lesbian and you don't have to kiss a hairy monkey, right?. Kissing girls is a lot of fun and there is nothing wrong about it.

To conclude - 10 tips articles for kissing or love making are just fine - but when you're there - just be yourself and enjoy it! I'm sure you will sis. bye 4 now.

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